A Little Tip That’ll Reduce Your BPA Exposure

Bisphenol A, or BPA isn’t new, but lately we’re being exposed to it in much larger quantities. It’s now in

  • plastic bottles (including baby bottles)

  • the lining of tin cans (including baby formula) [1],

  • thermal paper (often used to print receipts, so don’t hold them in your mouths while you sort your change)

  • carbonless copy paper

  • you (the CDC found it in the urine of 93% of subjects tested) [2

Some studies have linked it to hormonal problems, obesity, neurological problems and more, while others claim it isn’t harmful in small doses.

While they figure it all out, I figured out a way to reduce BPA exposure at home.

I have a water filter at home. Rather than store the water in plastic bottles in the fridge, I now use empty wine bottles and have also recycled a beautiful bottle of port.

Reduce BPA Exposure

My daughter was against the switch at first. She liked using the lightweight plastic bottles (so did I), but yesterday she commented that she prefers drinking water from glass bottles better, and she’s right. Water tastes better poured from glass.

 Note #1

When you’re half asleep, eyes half shut, and you want a sip of water before bed, watch that you don’t surprise yourself with white wine.

Note #2

If, like me, you’ve totally failed to teach your son not to drink straight from the bottle, accept that he’s going to look like a wino.

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3 comments on “A Little Tip That’ll Reduce Your BPA Exposure
  1. Dang it, you’re right but now I’ve got to redo everything. I was measruing my daily water intake using large Smartwater bottles. I have empty olive oil class bottles I can use instead. Thanks for the tip!

    • Ruth Almon says:

      Hey Melissa,
      Here’s another thought. Why measure daily water intake? Under normal circumstances (i.e. not when you are vomitting and not when you are out doing physical work for hours in extremely hot temperatures) why not just drink when thirsty? This idea that we have to drink 8 glasses a day was never based on science. Someone said it, it caught on, and now it’s axiomatic. Matt Stone claims that it’s even really unhealthy because it lowers metabolism. Unless something unusual is going on, humans aren’t broken. We should be self regulating. When the body needs water it sends a signal which we interpret as thirst. Simple.

  2. Wenchypoo says:

    The PR storm that was caused by exposing the dangers of BPA has caused many food companies to come out with “BPA-free” containers, but here’s the rub: the BPA has been replaced with BPS (http://preventdisease.com/news/13/012413_Bisphenol-S-Toxic-BPA-Substitute-Found-BPA-Free-Products.shtml), which is FAR WORSE than the original BPA ever was!

    To avoid the whole toxic alphabet soup, just use glass (like you did).

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