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We’ve all heard about cases where a patient has a problem and gets a prescription that masks the symptoms instead of dealing with the root cause. Well… this doesn’t only happen with medicine. Case in point: air freshener. If someone entering the bathroom you’ve just vacated is in need of a gas mask, that’s a sign that something is not ok with your digestive system. 

I wish I could give a reference from a researcher who went around the world sniffing the poop of remote tribesmen who ate only all-natural food, but sadly, I have no such reference. Furthermore, I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t gone around examining poop the world over. However, I have heard great tales of poop transformation after people have changed to a paleo diet, both from personal acquaintances (if they’re telling me about their poop, that’s pretty personal!) and from online forums. I’m convinced: poop wasn’t meant to stink.

And while we’re reflecting on the natural state of poop, did you ever ponder on what people did before toilet paper was invented? It couldn’t have been invented much more than a century ago.  I used to wonder about that (clearly, I’ve had too much free time) but no more. When your digestive system is working as it’s supposed to, you don’t really need to wipe.

So, rather than just spraying a flowery chemical scent to mask the foul smell of your poop, why not get to the bottom (no pun intended, I swear) of the matter and fix your diet.

  • avoid chemicals 
  • add probiotic foods to every meal, such as homemade yogurt or pickles
  • remove wheat and other grains from your diet


air freshener

My advice is, adopt a paleo diet for perfect paleo poop. 

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