Magical Two-Ingredient Halva Cookies

Halva Cookies

Delicious Halva Cookies



These halva cookies have only two ingredients (and neither of them are flour).

It has the consistency of a cookie, and the taste of halva.  Amazing!

The recipe for these cookies is… well basically there’s no recipe.

Just mix:

2 parts tahini paste

1 part honey

That’s it. I’ve made as little as 2 tbsp. tahini paste + 1 tbsp. honey or you can whip up a big batch.

Mix the two ingredients vigorously with a fork. Keep mixing until it gets a more solid consistency. Wet your hands (so the dough doesn’t stick to them) and form the balls. Pat each ball down lightly and bake on a cookie sheet in a 150 C (300F) oven. That’s it.


Garnish with a pecan or almond on each cookie, or bury a piece of chocolate inside.

I have to warn you. While this recipe is super easy, the cookies are also a little finicky. They really don’t like to be over-baked, even a little. On the other hand, they don’t really change color, so it’s a bit hard to tell when they’re done. 

My son (who introduced me to this great recipe – thank you!) baked them in a toaster oven for 40 minutes. I needed 25 minutes in my own oven. My suggestion is to time them carefully and see what works for you, then do the same each time. 

Note:  This is an extremely kid friendly recipe. Got pre-schoolers at home? I’m sure they’d love to make homemade cookies with you.


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5 comments on “Magical Two-Ingredient Halva Cookies
  1. Alice K. says:

    Do you grease the cookie sheet? I am thinking that greasing it would make the cookies spread out more and come out flatter. I am trying them this afternoon, will let you know how they turn out.

  2. Joanne says:

    Hello Ruth – I made these cookies yesterday and they turned out well enough for me. The mixture did thicken up a little but not enough so I put it in the fridge for an hour or so, mixed on low with a hand mixer and then proceeded. I noticed the oil in the tahini was running out of the batter in the bowl and then pooling around the cookies on the sheet before and during baking. I assume different brands (or homemade methods) of tahini butter will alter the results in some way or another. I plan to try this again with another brand of butter and see what happens.

    Obviously, the longer they are cooked the browner they get, and the browner they are the stronger the flavor. I cooked mine until they were the color of yours pictured in the post, however next time I will stop cooking them a little sooner.

    At any rate, I like the ‘cookies’, so thanks for the idea! I’m in the process of transitioning to a gluten free diet (as an experiment) and these will help. I especially like that they are made from super healthy sesame seeds, something I’ve been trying to get more of in my diet.

    Frugal Home and Health

  3. Sophie says:

    While these really do taste delicious, they turned out very flat. How long do I stir before reaching a solid consistency? I put them in the blender after 5mins of stirring (as I felt I was getting nowhere) and it was somewhat solid and then I dropped them onto greased tray with a spoon as they weren’t solid enough to roll. They didn’t look like yours though. Any tips?

    • Ruth Almon says:

      Funny coincidence that you should write this now.

      I made the cookies a number of times and they always came out fine. A few days ago, I made them again and they ended up totally flat. No idea why. I made them the same way I always have. I’ve mixed them by hand – never used a blender.

      If I figure out the mystery, I’ll let you know!

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