Magical Two-Ingredient Halva Cookies

by Ruth Almon
Halva Cookies

Delicious Halva Cookies



These halva cookies have only two ingredients (and neither of them are flour).

It has the consistency of a cookie, and the taste of halva.  Amazing!

The recipe for these cookies is… well basically there’s no recipe.

Just mix:

2 parts tahini paste

1 part honey

That’s it. I’ve made as little as 2 tbsp. tahini paste + 1 tbsp. honey or you can whip up a big batch.

Mix the two ingredients vigorously with a fork. Keep mixing until it gets a more solid consistency. Wet your hands (so the dough doesn’t stick to them) and form the balls. Pat each ball down lightly and bake on a cookie sheet in a 150 C (300F) oven. That’s it.


Garnish with a pecan or almond on each cookie, or bury a piece of chocolate inside.

I have to warn you. While this recipe is super easy, the cookies are also a little finicky. They really don’t like to be over-baked, even a little. On the other hand, they don’t really change color, so it’s a bit hard to tell when they’re done. 

My son (who introduced me to this great recipe – thank you!) baked them in a toaster oven for 40 minutes. I needed 25 minutes in my own oven. My suggestion is to time them carefully and see what works for you, then do the same each time. 

Note:  This is an extremely kid friendly recipe. Got pre-schoolers at home? I’m sure they’d love to make homemade cookies with you.


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2 comments on “Magical Two-Ingredient Halva Cookies
  1. Sophie says:

    While these really do taste delicious, they turned out very flat. How long do I stir before reaching a solid consistency? I put them in the blender after 5mins of stirring (as I felt I was getting nowhere) and it was somewhat solid and then I dropped them onto greased tray with a spoon as they weren’t solid enough to roll. They didn’t look like yours though. Any tips?

    • Ruth Almon says:

      Funny coincidence that you should write this now.

      I made the cookies a number of times and they always came out fine. A few days ago, I made them again and they ended up totally flat. No idea why. I made them the same way I always have. I’ve mixed them by hand – never used a blender.

      If I figure out the mystery, I’ll let you know!

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