Secrets of the Processed Food Industry

In the beginning, there was fresh food. Then someone found a way to dehydrate this and pasteurize that and processed food was born.

And then someone asked, how can we make this product cheaper? What if we swapped out part of an expensive ingredient, and replaced it with something cheap and tasteless like soy powder and wood pulp? But why would a consumer buy something that tasted like horrible soy powder or wood pulp?

The answer is presented right here in this 60-Minutes video.

Notice that the employees interviewed all seem like intelligent, decent people. These food flavorists don’t wake up in the morning thinking about how they will make the people of America and the world more obese and unhealthy. But if they looked at the big picture, they’d realize that they are a big part of the problem. Without their expertise, (and the expertise of the people who supply artificial food coloring) none of us would agree to eat processed food.

Key quote: “There’s no question we’re trying to create an irresistibility and a memorability, I think though, that there’s a leap to get to: that leads to overconsumption.” Bob Pellegrino, Givaudan’s Vice President of global strategy.


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