A Cure for Hot Flashes – Apple Cider Vinegar

According the WebMD, “Hot flashes occur in more than two-thirds of North American women during peri-menopause”. While obviously not life threatening, hot flashes can make life pretty miserable.

 apple cider vinegar cure for hot flashes

Some time ago, I did quite a bit of reading online about apple cider vinegar (ACV), after a homeopath suggested I take it to increase stomach acid production. To find out why you’d want to do such a strange thing as increase stomach acid, check out my post on apple cider vinegar and acid reflux

I was intrigued by reports I’d read of ACV providing relief from quite a few medical problems, including hot flashes, but seeing is believing. I got my chance to see it in person when a friend of mine decided to try it out.

Her flashes weren’t very intense, but she had a few every day. She started taking a teaspoon or two of apple cider vinegar daily in a glass of water (with a straw so as not to expose teeth to an acidic substance). From my reading, it seems that people need varying amount to get relief.

After taking apple cider vinegar for a few days, her hot flashes completely disappeared. My friend didn’t suffer from even one hot flash over a period of months. A year later, while travelling, she decided to take a break from the ACV. For the first week or so, she was still hot-flash free, and then they returned – a few every day. The same thing happened about a year later. She stopped taking ACV and after a few days – back they came with a vengeance.

Clearly, apple cider was doing the trick for this friend. What I like about apple cider vinegar as a cure for hot flashes is that it’s food. You can use to make salad dressing. And what’s the alternative? Well, you could just grin and bear it (I’m tempted to say, just take it like a man) or you could take medication. Options include hormone replacement therapy, anti-depressants, and anti-seizure medication among others. All of these come with side effects whereas apple cider vinegar is good for digestion even if you don’t have hot flashes. It’s food! Seems to me it’s worth a try as a first resort. It doesn’t seem to be effective for every woman with hot flashes, but when it works, it really does the trick. And if it doesn’t have the desired effect, all the other options are still available. 

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